Inquiry Submission By Martinmjgh

Can I preface this question/comment by saying than none of the comments/qhestions here are a moan or whinge. I am genuinely curious.

Several of the posts on here have indicated that Siem Reap is “quite expensive”. Now, judging by the prices i have seen, compared to Western Prrices I would dispute this – however, I imagine (and please correct me if I am wrong) the prices are significantly higher than those you would encounter in a neighbouring village.

This of course would be due to the large number of tourists with a large (comparativey) disposable income. Perfectly understandable and as I say, from what I have seen quoted nothing strikes me as particularly expensive.

However, such a concentration of wealth, together with the presence of phones, cameras and other items which can pretty easily be stolen would make me suspicious that there would be a large amount of petty criminal activity in the area, involving not only thefts but scams etc. etc. (cf. Vietnam). From all the reports I’ve read on here though, this does not seem to be the case – indeed it seems like it is a pretty safe area to visit. Unlike some other SEA destinations, the FAQ for Siem Reap is surprisingly devoid of such warnings and precautions.

I’d be very interested to hear from locals/regular visitors as to why they think this is the case?