Inquiry Submission By Compass28382069179

Sorry if I missed it, but did not come up with info in the search here.

We are interested to do an extensive, week or so, bicycle tour in Cambodia and/or Viet Nam.

The group tours are easy to find, but we find that we don’t have a great time on group tours.

The private offerings on line are more expensive then we are hoping for (a few thousand dollars) and although we have never looked into this specifically, we do have experience traveling in S.E. Asia and hope that we can pay someone their day rate, plus extra, to give us a customized time.

We are two guys, a married couple, and fit and athletic and used to biking distances here in Costa Rica where we live.

We’d rather not roll the dice and try to hire someone when we get there, and so here we are asking if someone has advice, or better yet, a direct connection.

In general, we are looking to stay rural..not enter congested/urban areas…but would not say no to decent places to spend the nights! Ha!

I’ve done home-stays, and we are open to that, but honestly will prefer some hotel stays as well.

We are scheduled to land in Bangkok on the 14th of May 2019 and fly out of Jakarta about a month later (I will be buying for my shop in Java for the last 10 days of our trip)

Thanks for any and all help!

Mark and Jon in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.