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(The whole story)

Hello Forum friends.

I need help to warn young women who is traveling in Cambodia and in kampot.

I was in Kampot a few months ago and had horrible experiences in kampot hostels with foreigners. It’s a crazy story that may seem paranoid or lied to some.

but unfortunately this story is true to the smallest detail. I didn?t choose it! I became a victim of an organized crime.

I am a desperate woman, who no longer knows what to do against this people, received any help from the police or authorities.

I wouldn?t joke about deaths or mysterious cases. I know that maybe this story is read by the families. But I can guarantee every reader, that there is a lot behind these people.

I’m not on fame or attention. i just want the truths come out. Every support or helpful hand is useful to safe another life.

darksideofkampot site