Inquiry Submission By Dougie R

Having seen so many bad posts about Rith Mony, we were in a position where we had no choice but to travel with them or spend a fortune & an extra 6 hrs travel to use another bus company. Well, I’m glad I saved the money & time. The old posts about Rith Mony are exactly that…’old’ & they’re certainly not a true reflection of the company that we experienced.

An over-the-border trip from Battambang to Bangkok & a rather apprehensive family of 4 (2 young boys 9 & 12) were expecting the worst. The start was rather stressful, the hotel pick up company were an hour late picking us up & we were sure the bus would have left without us. Wrong! Not only were they in constant contact with the pick up driver but when we got to the bus, they kindly asked us if we wanted to grab some food before we left.

The bus staff were very polite, the assistant explained the border process & escorted us over the border, issuing ID cards so they’d recognise us at the other side & appearing now & again to make sure all was well. He also spoke good English (which was a bonus, not a given, we were in their country afterall)

The bus was comfortable, clean & the air con was perfect. We were given a snack & bottle of water & then after the border, we were given more water & a hot Thai dinner!

The bus arrived in Bangkok only 30 mins late & that was due to some crazy traffic when leaving Cambodia.

Don’t listen to everyone’s negative reviews, very few people post when they’re happy & have nothing bad to say. We were more than pleased with our Rith Mony trip & would give it a 9 out of 10.