Inquiry Submission By ValK00

When travelling by bus in Cambodia try avoiding Rith Mony. From not getting picked up, to early bus leaving (they will not care if you bought the ticket in advance), ending up in the wrong bus to being way too late and missing any connections (they will not refund you for nights you cannot make due to their fault.)

Spend a little more money and get another bus company. And even if they sell you expensive tickets you will end up on the same cheap bus. So take the advice and don’t do that.

Unfortunately we did not know. But other travelers had similar issues with them.

In the end you will just be fooled. Especially when buying a ticket where you will have to change the bus. in the first minivan we got the crapiest seats. But he had promised us the ones just behind the driver as we bought the ticket so early. haha what a joke. and for the changing bus he promised us a super comfortable express bus. Well we got the slowest and cheapest (but paid the price of the most expensive one) and were 4 hours late due to that. We missed the last boat and had to pay an expensive hotel on the island without being there! He confirmed several times that we will be there at 2. Obviously you will never get refunds anywhere.

Completely fooled and super unhappy…