Inquiry Submission By Riverking O

Being the traveler that I am, Cambodia had held me back from going anywhere else . I was staying in one of the best area for a travelers vacation ( Sorya Center). There, I booked a Hotel Called Purple INN. The rooms was very nice , clean, and comfortable along with a safe to keep all my personal belonging. All around my hotel there were 24 hour food , a club call Pontoon Club and bars all around. My favorite Place was Riverking One Pub Poker , I spent my last 2 weeks in and out of there playing poker . The food , cigarettes , and drinks was all free. There staff and service was amazing. I didn’t realize that there were so many people from all around the world getting together here to play poker. The stacks are high and the action was there (NL Hold’em and Omaha ). I only played NL Hold’em 2/5 buy in min $300. And after playing sometimes , me and some of the other players would get together and go out for a night of partying. The best part about my travel was Riverking One Pub , All my winnings had cover my whole trip and got me booking another trip back and working here.