Inquiry Submission By Nunov Y

Unfortunately I have NOTHING GOOD TO SAY about Royal Anchor Hospital Siem Reap except that it is there if you really, really need it.

I have now had two occasions to go to this hospital, once with someone else and once in an emergency situation (recently) and the level of care, in my humble opinion, is very poor. I am an insulin dependent diabetic and was admitted to this poor excuse, in my humble opinion, for a medical facility while I was basically still unconscious from being hit by a bus on my bicycle. I believe they did take my blood sugar reading and it was a wee bit high when I arrived but after a couple hours (as I had had my insulin before the accident and was on my way to eat) I was conscious enough to feel it lowering to a unacceptable level and asked for a glucometer or for them to check my blood sugar. I asked doctors and nurses (3) three times over a period of twenty minutes or so (and I have witnesses both foreign and Khmer who were with me) and was totally ignored until finally my wife went back across town to our accommodation and got my own personal glucometer and brought it back about an hour later when my sugar levels were unacceptably low, so I just discharged myself, still in pain and still bleeding, as I can, in my opinion, even in a debilitated state, if I am conscious, look after myself a lot better than the level of care I was receiving there, unless possibly, I am in immediate need of some life saving emergency procedure.

So basically they charged me over US $600 to put in a half dozen stitches and a few blood tests most of which were in my humble opinion, totally unnecessary and they say they did a cat scan on my head which I do not remember as I was unconscious, or dazed and confused and charged a high fee for. A percentage of this $600 was for medication which I have no memory of receiving and certainly brought none home with me.

This hospital would have you believe they have the same level of skill and care as Bangkok Hospital, which it is affiliated with in some way. It most certainly does not. Where are the Thai doctors? I have been to Bangkok Hospitals in Thailand and they have in this facility in Siem Reap, once again in my humble opinion, nothing resembling the equipment, skill levels and levels of care found in the Thai hospitals.

I would recommend that unless it is a real serious emergency and you really really need to go there to avoid this place and

a: go to Bangkok or

b: go to some other medical facility or clinic in SR.

Needless to say, unless I am unconscious and taken there, like yesterday, I will never ever be going back there.

In my humble opinion, this facility is very very poor quality service and skill level and very very expensive!!!!!

My advice: DO NOT GO HERE UNLESS YOU REALLY REALLY NEED TO. My belief is, and I may be wrong, that this place is owned or partially owned by a bank. say no more