Inquiry Submission By EverWonderer

For those interested in traditional rural life in Cambodia without the tourist buses and ?hard sell? techniques, this quaint little village can be visited either on a day trip from Phnom Penh or en route to Battambang.

Local families have been making traditional pottery for generations. You can watch how the pots are made and then finished in community kilns. Finished product can be purchased from any of the pottery makers directly (but there was no pressure to do so).

The village is located in a beautiful rural setting, with rice fields, paddocks and sugar palm trees. In the right season you can also watch palm sugar making or otherwise drink some freshly made palm juice.

For more intrepid travelers there is a day course in palm climbing. So if you always wanted to hand pick that far above coconut?now is your chance.

A sleepy provincial Kampong Chhnang town is about 15 min by car, it has a floating village and a couple of hotels to spend a night to break up your travels or you can return to the capital.