Inquiry Submission By afinndian


We will be staying a few days in Saracen Bay before heading to Siem Reap.

It seems there are two flights that day in mid-March: 1120am and 1330pm.

We have looked online and found what seem to be ferries at 7am and 845am daily from Saracen Bay. They seem to state they take 30-45mins but I’m just a bit cautious that the 845am could turn into a 1,5hr affair. And do they run reliably?

How early do we need to be at the airport? Like an hour?

Bottom line — if you were in my shoes, would you go for the 11.20am flight or play it safe? We would prefer to have the extra time in Siena reap so we don’t essentially lose almost a full day.

Thanks so much for your help!!!!