Inquiry Submission By Nirvana77

Hi. Has anyone else been robbed in Buva Sea office at the Port in Sihanoukville? I was buying a ticket there when my attention was diverted to a Chinese woman coming to the counter but not responding to the staff asking her if they could help her. She just looked at the timetables on the counter for a while and walked away. While this was happening someone lifted my passport wallet out of my hand bag that I had opened to buy the ticket. The staff must have been in on the robbery because they would have seen someone that close behind me. My money was then taken for the ticket and when he brought it back to me the Chinese woman came in again and did the same thing-not answering staff when talked to. It was very weird so it took my attention away. The thief dropped my wallet with the passport still in it at my feet. I did not notice the robbery until that night because I thought I had dropped the wallet when I got my purse out. A very clever scam.