Inquiry Submission By jenny1000

Just thought I’d post about our stay at the Scarlet Sails resort so other people don’t end up with the same experience…

We turned up and were quoted $90 a night. We were shown an unfinished but okay room. They said they would reduce it by another $10 to $80. Then they agreed to reduce by another $10…to $75?! We agreed to $75 as our options were limited and we wanted somewhere with a pool.

They put us in a different room to the one we were shown. Our room had not been cleaned since it was built and the bathroom was left with raw concrete on the walls. The whole bathroom was covered in concrete dust, there were screws on the bathroom floor, the shower heater did not work so the shower was cold. The room was filthy and crawling with ants due to not being cleaned. The fridge didn’t work. There were wires sticking out of the wall for the TV. They had run out of floor tiles so there was a rubble in the corner of the bathroom. There was no toilet roll so we went and got some from reception. We asked for the room to be cleaned and pointed out the screws on the floor. The cleaner came, didn’t knock and tried to walk in, knowing I’d just got out of the shower. We showed her the screws on the floor, she closed the bathroom the door, “cleaned”, but the screws were still there after.

They checked us into a second room and they said they would clean the concrete while we were out so we could go back to the first room later. When we got back they said they had cleaned the room with petrol so we couldn’t go back and would need to stay in the second room.

In the second room, the shower was also cold. The shower fitting was hanging off the wall. There was no toilet roll, there was coffee but no mugs. We asked for a room with a hot shower.

The third room had a hole in the bathroom door for a door handle, a sharp nail sticking out of the front door frame and was very dirty. The hose to wash your feet outside didn’t work. The TV worked intermittently. Again, no coffee cups and no toilet roll. They said they would bring us some, we asked three times throughout a whole day before we got toilet roll. We asked for a door handle as the door would swing open when we were using the toilet. First they said they didn’t have one, then they found one and fitted it. I was in the shower and closed the door, and it jammed shut. My partner couldn’t open the door and went to get the manager, who also couldn’t open the door. While the manager went to get some tools my partner forced the door open, without causing any damage. I was build and only had a flannel! The staff were laughing at me being locked in (which I admit, was amusing but there was no professionalism there).

The following day the manager lied and said that they had repaired the door handle, which they hadn’t. They then finally replaced it which took an hour.

The first breakfast we had was horrible, dry pancakes with a tiny slice of banana in each one, with no syrup etc. I asked if I could refill my water bottle from the big one they had – they got me a new one and quietly mumbled $3. I said I would have just thought after all that hassle they would let me refill my water bottle. I refilled it at the hostel next door for 50 cents.

The American breakfast was okay, but the sausages were too rubbery even for the dogs I gave them to. On the third day we noticed that we weren’t given fruit with our breakfast on the first two days and asked for our fruit. There was a big group staying at the hotel who were treated completely differently to us, welcome drinks, special martial art classes put on for them (see YouTube, they have posted yoga and slack lining classes which don’t actually exist).

On the last day the staff knew we had to leave at 8.45 for our boat. My partner arrived for breakfast at 7.45. Before anyone else was there he ordered breakfast for both of us. We waited 50 minutes for our drinks and breakfast, during which time the large group all got their meals, including the people who hadn’t even come out of their rooms yet! There was also another group who got their meals during this time. My partner went up and got the coffee himself as the 5(!) staff were fussing over the others. The coffee was stone cold so must have been sat there ages. We asked repeatedly for our fruit but in the end had to leave without it as we saw our boat arrive. Fruit was brought out for the large group.

We weren’t told until after we paid $375 that there was no WiFi. They said there as a hot spot we could use, but then they refused to give us the password. On the fifth night we saw them installing WiFi, they said that we could use it that night. Later on my partner asked for the password and we were told we couldn’t use it.

The pool turned out to be green and slimy. We mentioned this to the staff, who initially said it was clean. Every day I showed them that it was green and that if you run your finger along the steps, it cuts a line through the green slime. They then said that the main part of the pool is dirty but the small part of the pool is clean. It’s one pool with one section of water! The manager later admitted that he knows it’s dirty. So we didn’t get to swim at all.

We have stayed in very basic accommodation all over South East Asia and never had a problem. I’m not fussy and I understand that on an island like Koh Rong things cost more. But this was not worth $75 or anywhere near without basic things in place. I asked for two days’ refund and was given one, which means we paid $60 per night. For this I would expect WiFi and a usable swimming pool.

On a positive note when there was a tarantula in our room, the lovely guy on reception came and killed it for us. Spiders don’t normally bother me but this one did!