Inquiry Submission By EverWonderer

Hi there fellow travellers,

I am arriving in Siem Reap tomorrow (have been in Cambodia for 2 weeks) and staying at the Lotus Blanc resort for 8 nights. I have a couple of logistical questions and feedback on an itinerary proposed by a friend of mine.

How much is a tuk tuk from outlying hotels to the center of town/Pub Street?

My guide wants to start our sightseeing at 7:30am. If I want to avoid the crowds, would 7am be better?

Do I have to return to Siem Reap town for lunch or are there places to grab water and fruit/snack near the temple complexes?

Proposed itinerary:

Day 1: Small circuit (starting at Angkor Thom). Angkor Wat in the afternoon.

Day 2: Visit Koh Ker (as I want to see Prasat Thom) and Beng Melea. Can I walk up to the top of Prasat Thom?

Day 3: Banteay Srei then I want to do Kulen Mountain trek. My guide suggested we go by a motor bike instead of a car. How far is the ride? Are there specific treks that are better than others? I would like to do a c 15km trek.

My friend suggested I do the Rolous temples on the way from Kulen. I think it is too much on the same day. Would prefer to do them on a separate and have heard mixed reviews if they are worth seeing.

Feedback from the community is appreciated.

Would a 3 or a 7 day pass be better for the above? I understand that the price difference between the two is $10.

Thank you