Inquiry Submission By ggpm2017

Planning a Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia Cruise with 5 or 6 couples that are 70-80 yr old active.

Not high strenuous active.

We pick up ship in Singapore. Not sure yet if this cruise will have an overland tour available or not.

But only interested in seeing the Angkor Wat temple complex. No lacquer factories, floating villages etc.

Flying from LAX

What is feasibility of fly into Siem Reap 5 days ahead of cruise. (could only be 1 or 2 of the couples)

Book a really nice hotel and do a couple of days of jet lag catch up

Get a 1- 2 day pass into Angkor Wat, leave very early morning on Tuk Tuk, have a slow pace guide

and when heat unbearable back to hotel. Repeat next day if we choose. I would be happy just getting a picture of the temple with the bridge, lake (river front??). Is that called the Angkor Wat Temple? But of course will do what rest of group choose.

Fly to Singapore and pick up cruise ship that sails at 4pm on January 7th.

We could consider doing this side trip after cruise as not sure of the feasibility of flying from Lax on January 2nd.

Costs, itineraries, flight suggestions. Oh yes and availability to medical.