Inquiry Submission By ateach52

Hi all. We will be in SE Asia for five weeks, leaving exactly 3 weeks from now. A privately planned trip through Thailand, Laos & Cambodia. Needless to say, I?m keeping abreast of all the Corona-related news daily. I?m not at all a nervous Nellie and I?m keeping all my fingers and toes crossed there won?t be any flight cancellations that will affect us. We fly in and out of Bangkok and have a few internal Asian flights as well: Vientiane – Phnom Penh & Siem Reap – BKK. My question is: would any of you living in those countries and active on TA be aware of local flights being cancelled at times these days? Is Angkor Wat still doing business was as usual? I would hate to have to cancel as I could just as easily catch the virus in Switzerland, where I live, as after all, it?s not too far from Northern Italy. We?re healthy seniors and taking all normal precautions to not get sick so I?m not asking for any advice re should we go or not. That?s our choice – but simply some info re flights being cancelled More than usual or sites being shut down. Or is it still more or less business as usual? Some local insight would be very much appreciated. I certainly wouldn?t mind there being fewer tourists than usual: in 2001 we flew into Cairo on the day the bombing in Afghanistan started. Egypt was totally deserted – at least the main tourist sites were! We had a fantastic 3-week trip!