Inquiry Submission By Flor_London

Hello all,

I’m planning a four week trip to Cambodia and Vietnam in the summer with my daughters (8 yo twins). Will be working remotely for 5 of those days and I’m trying to decide the best place to stay for 6-7 days during our trip where I can spend time with the girls exploring during the morning/early afternoon, then start my working day (UK timings) around 3pm until 9pm ish local. We’re planning to stay the longest in both Hoi An and Siem Reap so considering those options (.. perhaps SR so we can spend the mornings visiting temples then retreat from the heat when I’m working in the afternoons?)….. which one of the two would you recommend?

So, the plan is to find somewhere to stay where there’s good, reliable wifi next to a (quiet!) pool so the girls can swim while I’m working for an hour or two then watch a movie in our room. A kids club would be amazing but I prefer accommodation with character and not into big hotel chains. A private villa would be perfect but likely quite expensive?

Any thoughts, opinions or recs on specific places to stay that would fit what I’m looking for would be very much appreciated!