Inquiry Submission By taylorclan5

Just thought I would post our experience which turned out to be ok and all fitted together.

We were referred to a nearby travel agent to our hotel and they had a 20 Usd trip to Poipet and on to Koh Chang. We had spent a lot of time researching how we could do this in a long day of buses etc. So this seemed to be the maidens prayer.

We booked it mindful that the bit to Poipet was with Hang Tep which historically (dating back to 2015 ish) gets poor reviews. We were promised a minibus at the border which would then take us direct to Koh Chang’s ferry terminal and included the ferry. We decided that even if the connecting minibus was nt there or we missed it at least it would get us to the border.

So we duly paid our 20Usd our Hotel called Hang Tep to make sure they knew where to collect us and at what time and all looked rosy. One of us had been suffering with diarrhoea as a result of pork and lemon grass in Phnom Penh and we were close to simply booking a flight out to BKK in case it deteriorated but anyway we stuck with it.

Pleased to say it’s all worked. At the border we had the usual 2.5 hour coach to bus wait but 14 of us were given little stickers with KC on and yes the other side we were met and once all 14 of us put in to 2 air conditioned vans and we arrived at the port for the 1830 ferry.

There were of course the usual stops in Cambodia with pay toilets and the crowd of kids wanting to carry your bags but you either enjoy the sport of avoiding it or go with the flow and use up your last few rRiel.

On the Thai side the minibus was air conditioned and yes he took a couple of extra locals for cash but he stopped at proper garages with toilets and shops so all good.

On arrival at the port we were aslked did we want our bus to take us to our accomodation right down in the South of the island (Bang Bao ) and we knew it would be 400bt in a pick up. The minibus driver shrewdly thro the ferry lady offered it to us for a 100bt which we declined. In the end we settled on 600bt and glad we did as it would have been a painful bumpy journey on the back of a pick up.

We arrived at 2000 virtually 12 hours from hotel to hotel- a pretty long journey. If you tried to travel that distance in the UK your efforts would probably be thwarted by somebody who can’t drive in the rain and causes a pile up for which tHighway Patrol shut the M25!!!!

Driver of bus was quick but not stupid. Apparently in Thailand if as a minibus driver you have a serious accident you can lose your licence for life.

So hats off to all and now chilling in a beautiful part of Thailand after 4 weeks thro Laos,VN and Cambogia.