Inquiry Submission By mamaof2boiz

Hi all I just wanted to post a review if our excellent experience on catching a minivan from Siem Reap to Sen Monorom in Mondulkiri. We caught the van yesterday morning with the only carrier that I am aware of that travels from Siem Reap, Virak Bunthan Express. They were fantastic. We booked our ticket Tuesday before in Siem Reap. The agent wanted to charge us USD25 each, however I politely advised that the same ticket is on the book me bus website for only $18. Guess what they honoured that price! We were picked up at our hotel in Siem Reap at 7.45 on the dot and shuttled to the awaiting minibus (a brand new 12 seater Ford transit van, complete with reclining seats). The bus then left at exactly 8am as advertised. Our driver was really good as were the roads and we had no white knuckle moments. Of the 12 passenger seats available only 8 were taken up the entire journey (4 of which were by our family). We had 4 brief stops along the way, including a quick meal break halfway from Siem Reap and Stung Treng The van also dropped off two of its passengers in Stung Treng and also one at Ban Lung in Rathanakiri. We pulled into Sen Monorom at 5.25pm so all up it was a very comfortable 9hr 25min journey. I would not hesitate to travel with them again or recommend. Also if you were looking at travelling this route seats 4 5 and 6 are really good as you can stretch and rest your legs on the ledge behind the driver and front seat passengers. I hope people find this helpful if coming to Mondulkiri from Siem Reap. Finally i highky recommend coming to Mondilkiri. It is just fantastic.