Inquiry Submission By msggagga

We arrive at Phnom Penh on 2/19 340pm (after 19hr layover in Tokyo). And fly out of Phnom Penh on 2/28 10 PM (another 12hr layover in Tokyo before heading back to US).

I cannot decide how to use our time efficiently. It would’ve been smarter of me to have tickets fly in to Phnom Penh and fly out of Siem Reap, but was more expensive that way. We want to spend in Phnom Penh last ~2 days of our trip as we fly out of Phnom Penh.

1. Should I move from PP to Siem Reap on the arrival day using private car?

2. Just check in to near airport hotel for one night staying and fly out or travel by road next day?

My 6 year old is a good traveler. She has done several 6+ hrs (nonstop) pretty good. Makes me nervous as 10+hr flight is first time for her, but LONG layover in Tokyo would be a good break in between. Any suggestions or recommendation is appreciated.