Inquiry Submission By mamaof2boiz

Hi we are going to be in Cambodia this December. After checking out the temples Siem Reap, and it’s surrounds we would like to head to Mondulkiri to visit the elephants and check out waterfalls etc.

From the research that I have done, it seems that transportation options from Siem Reap are fairly limited. Basically from what I can see there is a Mini van service run by Virak Buntham (who’s reviews for the most part seem pretty bad..) which goes via Kampong Cham and apparently should take around 10 hours. Has anyone done this trip? If so I would love feedback.

Alternatively we could go to Phnom Penh first by bus/minivan and then connect to a minivan heading to Mondukir, but this seems like an even longer more drawn out journey.

Aside from a private taxi which is really expensive does anyone know of any other operators etc?

My other thought was that as we are planning on also visiting Kratie, was to go directly to Kratie from Siem Reap, spend a few days, minibus it to Sen Monorom and then bus it back to Phnom Penh. etc.

Any advice or suggestions greatly appreciated.