Inquiry Submission By SwampeastMike

The three nights and four full days we spent in Siem Reap were WONDERFUL.

The visit was planned as just a side trip of a long holiday to visit Angkor but we could have easily spent a few more days.

If you have any intention to visit I suggest you do it very soon. Why? For whatever reason the massive scale tourism (much from China) has nearly collapsed with everyone telling us, “This is the HIGH season but it’s like the lowest season.” This means you can enjoy the wonderful historic sights in relative calm. There were still plenty of visitors but according to our private licensed guide, “You’re VERY lucky. I’m taking you to and enjoying places that I normally hate because they are too busy.”

The people are kind, helpful and friendly. Siem Reap itself is quite enjoyable–certainly touristy but not terribly so at present. The surrounding area is very interesting to explore. The weather is hazy, hot and humid but not terribly so–you can enjoy a long day of exploration with many kilometers walking without feeling dead at the end of the day…

We stayed at La Residence Blanc D’Angkor which easily earned my HIGHEST recommendation.

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