Inquiry Submission By Flybex88

Hey everyone thought I would post about the experience and what in involves as absolutely fine.

Cost is $27 so cheap. You get a bed but you have to share a compartment with someone so a little cramped if your not small but comfy enough. You get picked up from where you book your ticket so most probably your hostel. The bus goes first to Phnom Penh (about 4 hours) where everyone changes. You then get on another bus which takes you to the boarder. Still with beds. (About 9 hours.) You then get out and a guide walks you to the Cambodian border where you show your passport. It’s only a short walk like 30 seconds. You then walk to the Thai boarder to go through immigration. It’s just straight, I thought at first id lost everyone but don’t worry there’s a stretch of road between each boarder and you literally just walk straight in between the two. Then once through the Thai immigration you walk straight and another guy from the bus meets you and points you a further 150m straight at which you take a left and you will find the mini van. Do not worry the mini van is very comfortable too. No flat bed but by now it’s day time so you do not need it. The final bus to Bangkok takes 4 hours so in total with all the stops, changing bus’s and boarder crossing you travel 20 hours. They tell you 12-13. Definitely not the case. This sounds horrendous but it really is fine. Most of the way you are sleeping on the sleeper bus.

They stop for toilet breaks/fag breaks but I would advise each time they stop check if you have to change as they don’t tell you anything unless you ask.

It’s fine though, the bus’s all have air con and it really is quiet comfy.