Inquiry Submission By SWng

I?ve head a lot of ?ra ra? reviews of Sihanoukville years ago, and it has been on my bucket list to visit Sihanoukville.

We booked a car from Phnom Penh and took us about 6.5hrs to get here – traffic is genuinely bad, the driver is going on 38-40km/j. You must be wondering why is the driver driving so.. slow. Let me tell you :-

First, I thought the driver was just enjoying the drive and allowing us to absorb the beauty of the suburbs going to Sihanoukville. Boy, I was wrong! There?s trailers and lorries carrying constructions materials, dusts and bad roads on the way there. Traffic is clogged because of these huge trailers and lorries. Why?

The moment I was in Sihanoukville, that?s where my jaw dropped. Constructions are everywhere…. EVERYWHERE. It?s like a brand new developing city – and not in a good way. Dusts and debris are clouding the air … bad roads are giving us.. well free roller coaster ride massages.. it?s just .. horrible.


I told myself that maybe it isn?t that bad when I got to my hotel, I?ve booked Otres2, at the end of the Marina road.

Nope, still wrong, on the way in to the road of the hotel, there?s PILES of rubbish.. and well, another free roller coaster ride massage on the way in.

Instantly I regret coming to Sihanoukville – though, at that time I thought I was being biased because I when I searched of Otres2 beach, I saw beautiful pictures of the beach.

NOPE, wrong again. It?s dirty. It really is, I?m a beach go-er and this rates number #1 on top of my list because not only is the beach dirty, nothing is properly maintained, fishing boats are parked right in front beach front hotels, rubbish are everywhere … I don?t even know if it?s sanitarg to swim in it. ????

Now, let?s talk about the fresh air. You?d think you will be getting some .. sort of sea breeze eh?


But, no. Because of the heavy constructions that?s going on, all you breath in .. are dusts .. dusts! Even on the Tuktuk ride to the city … it?s just .. dusts .. debris flying into my eye (poor eyes..) and all you see it?s just constructions, constructions, constructions!

And well a lot of chinese hotpots, Chinese restaurants, everything Chinese. It like a .. Town of Las Vegas ala China in Cambodia.

YOU do however, will like Sihanoukville, if you like gambling…

And.. gambling …

And… dusts …

And gambling …

And Chinese food ….

And .. lots and lots of …Gambling.

I did though, went into a casino (Chinese owned) in Otres Beach (I must add that; in that 1.2KM to a restaurant nearby, we pass by, 3 casinos) so while in the casino (we were in there less than 5mins), I saw a guy, came out from the toilet (it?s in the casino) and spat on the carpet. What the fish PRC??!! I know your people own that place but .. come on!

Anyways, I can go on venting. I WILL avoid this place and never coming back. But if you have time and money to see it for yourself (or have a passion for gambling)- go on then. ­čÖé

*When I say chinese, it?s Chinese from China or PRC