Inquiry Submission By NatM66

Hello, we want to travel from Sihanoukville to Phnom Pen with a bit of a detour to Kampot for lunch and a pepper farm tour. (Or we may do it the other way- Phnom Pen to Sihanoukville if there is any advantage to this). My question is, is it better to get a driver from Sihanoukville all the way? Will it cost extra to have them wait while we lunch/tour in Kampot? Or is it better to take one driver from Sihanoukville to Kampot and pick up another to go to Phnom Pen?

Actually, having thought more about it, it probably makes more sense for us to go Phnom Pen to Kampot to Sihanoukville as if we do it the other way, we’ll be coming back into peak hour afternoon traffic in PP.

Also, can anyone recommend any drivers? I’ve been reading some pretty scary stuff and want someone safe! Thanks