Inquiry Submission By Lee44


we are about to g?o to this border and I made some plan I would like to review here.

From Kampot – we drive 2 hours to Sihanoukville. (Is it better doing it from PP?)

From Sihanoukvill we take a bus 8am to the border at Koh Kong and leave Cambodia. (how long it takes?)

Go into Thai border pay $30 visa exempt , or is it $45 if you ?don?t have a certa?in docs? ? (what docs do we need ? 20k Thai?)

A minibus to Trat from there? ? and a bus to Bangkok 4-5 hours.



– is there a bus I can book right in Sihanoukville or in the border that take care of everything and wait at the bo?rder going to Bangkok directly ?

– is there something we should know/bring/say at this border if asked? (Been 6mo In TH last year)??

– How Long all of this trip to Bangkok takes starting in Sihanoukville at 8am? How more or less the cost?

Thanks a lot.?