Inquiry Submission By Kirti S

Hi friends,

I am planning to travel to Singapore in mid July 2019. I have few extra days so was thinking of covering Cambodia.I have couple of questions and would really appreciate if you experts can answer them.

1. I have an option to travel to Cambodia or Thailand. Is it a good option to travel from Singapore to Cambodia or Singapore to Thailand? Since it is monsoon season hence I am confused. If yes for Cambodia, then which airlines should I try booking from?

2. Apart from Siem Reap, I am also planning to cover Koh Rong but again will the water and beaches be clear or muddy. Is koh Rong a good idea or should I try for another beach destination in cambodia?

3. Lastly should I try and cover Cambodia with Vietnam some other time and may be cover Singapore and Thailand this time?

Please guide me as I am too confused. I am not a seasoned traveller hence any suggestions are welcome. I have got some extra days in hand and hence want to use them wisely Thanks.