Inquiry Submission By spidersmom

I’m flying into Sihanoukville and have 7 days before I fly out of PP. I was planning on Kampot and then PP, and avoiding Sihanoukville altogether, but before I book Kampot I want to make sure this is the plan I should proceed with! If you had 7 days between Sihanoukville and Phnom Penh, what would you do with it? I love beaches and relaxing, but want to feel like I’m really seeing the most important parts of the country, since I may not ever get the chance to return. Are the island beaches off of sihanoukville so amazing that I will be sad to miss them? Is Kep worth a day or two, or will I be lonely surrounded by honeymooners and families? How many days should I devote to PP? I like being around people, and want opportunities to meet people, but am not a huge partier anymore nor do I want to be where there are zillions of tourists just hanging out.