Inquiry Submission By JuneTL

as our trip to Siem Reap approaches, I have a few questions to ask.

any advice/input/tips would be appreciated.

1 I read that a local bank will break a US$100 note into smaller denominations…..is this correct?

2 trying to get my head around the two tier use of currency in Siem Reap. if I buy something for US$6 and pay with a US$10 note, will I get the change back in USD? if not, what is the exchange rate?

3 I assume I can use the local currency at the markets and other shops. what to do with the leftover local currency? (besides keeping it for another trip)

4 after doing the small and big loop, would appreciate suggestions on other temples to see in the Angkor park or nearby. we’re not interested on this trip to see a floating village having seen such in Thailand and China

5 would it be advisable to pack a torch for our 8 minute walk back to our hotel after visiting Pub Street?

we’re looking forward to exploring this area.

many thanks again (in advance) for your input.