Inquiry Submission By Ben D

Hi all,

Myself and my partner have a trip planned for South east Asia in early 2020 for 5/6 months, we have already done Thailand and Indonesia. The plan is to go to Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Philippines. We will have flights, shots and insurance paid before we go. I suppose we are thinking between the 2 of us that ?12,000/$13,500 would make it a comfortable trip. Thinking about 5-6 weeks in each country. We won?t be staying in high end places but at the same time won?t want to be staying in dorms we enjoy our privacy. We will be travelling between each country/area the most economical way possible be it boat/car/plane/train etc. We would like to do activities in most areas we visit also. Just wondering if you think our budget is too little for what we have planned?