Inquiry Submission By Lisa

Hi fellow travelers, looking for some suggestions answers as I am starting to work out our plan.

we are from Scotland and flying from London to and from Phnom Penh via Shenzhen 26th September, to 6th October

we are me, my daughter and one of my bff’s, None of us are looking for the crazy party scene, but do enjoy some laid back socializing. we love beaches, nature, cultural experiences, and good food, especially seafood

Thoughts so far are spend Friday in PP as its Pchum Ben, and get a temple visit in. do some light sightseeing

sat to mon- head to the coast to get to Koh Rong S. to spend a couple days relaxing and burning off the jet lag

concerns on this: will road travel be too challenging with the rains , with the monsoons, will it be possible to get in some sunny beach and swim time?

mon to thurs

mon travel to Siem Reap (thinking of flight to maximise time)

not too worried about this leg, hoping low season will be a great time to take in as much of the temples as possible,. any other suggestions of not to miss things in the area appreciated.

thurs to sun

thurs travel back to PP, (again considering flights to maximise time)

do day trips from PP



Phnom Tamao wildlife sanctuary

sunday fly back home

I suppose the thing i would like to really get my head around is how the rains will impact our travel between areas. Would prefer to do rail/road to see more of the country, but just wondering about roads getting washed out and losing a lot of our time

any thoughts much appreciated!