Inquiry Submission By tangojohnDallas

In January we will return to Siem Reap for my fifth time. Needless to say we fell in love with the people and culture of Cambodia and for us it is a very affordable place to travel. On our upcoming trip we are not planning on buying a temple pass and we plan on spending our time doing things we have not done on past trips. We are currently spending a lot of time researching places, stores, and restaurants we have not been to. On area that has been mentioned in several forum posts is Street 60. On past trips we were not aware of this being considered a destination. In looking at what pictures I can find of the area I think we have driven down the street with my tuk tuk driver and last year in the afternoon we stopped at a clothing vendor and my wife bought a house dress. We only stopped there for a few minutes and truthfully I didn’t pay much attention to the area.

Are more vendors there at night? Is it just on Street 60 or does it expand to side areas? My assumption is that this is more of a locals area than for tourists. One forum poster recommended going there with a tuk tuk driver and their family to get the best experience. Our driver for the past 3 years is married with four young children. We adore him and this sounds like a good suggestion of getting to know his family as well. This trip we are looking to experience things other than the main tourist venues.

Any information and recommendations about this area would be appreciated. Thanks