Inquiry Submission By mamaof2boiz


We are in Cambodia from this Saturday and are looking at going to Stung Treng after Siem Reap. This was originally mainly so we could break the journey time up from Siem Reap to Kratie/Mondulkir, but I have seen photos of the Sopheakmith Waterfall which looks awesome and we would love to see/swim in it before heading to Kratie and Sen Monorom.

Can anyone tell how long the journey is likely to be from Stung Treng to Kratie (I see on the net it says around 3 hours) and also which companies run this route and what departure times are etc? If people think that we are better to going Stung Treng to Sen Monorom first and then onto Kratie we are also open to this. I am just having a bit of difficulty with my web searching on finding anything that really gives me information on how long it all takes and the best possible route.

As always thanks very much in advance