Inquiry Submission By Cathymh2014

Hello, looking for some advice please.

We are planning to head to Cambodia in early December – flying in and out internationally from Singapore (tagging on to a work trip).

We plan to go straight from Singapore Cambodia/Angkor Wat for 3/4 days, then on to Bangkok (to see some friends) for 2/3 days. Then before heading back to Singapore we would like to spend 5/6 days in a quiet beach somewhere. (Or we can do this bit before we get to Bangkok). Looking for somewhere peaceful, not too ?resorty?. Been a long time since I hit the beaches in Thailand and I want to make sure we get it right as I know it?s all changed since my backpacking days! Would really appreciate any suggestions on where to go in either Cambodia or Thailand that won?t eat up too much in time/travel wise.

Thank you so much.

Ps we had thought maybe to get back to Singapore then to go to Tioman? Any thoughts?