Inquiry Submission By Shoowoo

Hello community! We are traveling to Siem Reap before heading onto Vietnam with our 11 yr old and 13 yr old in March. We have hired a tour company to organize parts of our trip, including this important location. At the moment, they have not booked us to see any sun rises, we are always leaving after breakfast to tour. One our second day after seeing the bird santuary, we have a row boat trip booked to see the sunset on our second day at Angkor Thom’s moat. My question is are we missing out by not doing a sunrise as well at a different location? We are coming from Canada, so with time change we will be all mixed up and can handle getting up early (our kids have done it before whether for safari or Disney World). I don’t know when we will return to this magnificent site, so I want to do our best, but I also don’t want to overwhelm or exhaust our kids – or ourselves!! Thank-you in advance for your help.