Inquiry Submission By bod75


We will be travelling between Siem Reap and Phnom Penh in February. Originally I had thought that a boat from SR might be a nice thing to do as my husband is pretty keen on any sort of water travel, however after reading through the forum have been put off by the idea of hours on a speedboat on a lake and we just cant afford to do a luxury cruise.

We dont really fancy flying so had decided that the Giant Ibis bus looked like the best option for us, however I have just noticed that there is a boat service called Tara boats which buses their clients from SR to Prek Kdam on the Tonle river and then you cruise down the river to PP.

Just wondered if anyone has done this and if they would recommend it? We are hoping to do a few boat trips (ferries?) while we are in PP but I cant see any that go that far up the river – unless anyone can advise differently.

Thank you.