Inquiry Submission By joeBolwarra

Hello All. We are visiting Siem Reap later this year. This will be our fourth trip to the area in the last 10 years. We know what we are doing as far as what temples we are going to see etc.

My main question revolves around temple opening times. We were last there in 2015 and I did lots of early morning trips to the temples.

I went to Ta Prohm, Banteay Kdei and Preah Khan all at around 5.30am and pretty much had the temples to myself.

I have read that apart from the sunrise locations access is not possible to enter now until after 7.30am.

Is this the case ? Are these times strictly enforced ? If so are there some temples that can still be visited early eg Ta Nei.

We are travelling with someone who has never been to Siem Reap so we do need to visit the main temples so I realise crowds are unavoidable, but I would love to show them a more peaceful side to the area that I experienced with the early morning visits.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Joe