Inquiry Submission By snowypony


Have left my organisation a bit late, and will be arriving Friday morning 11th. There are 5 of us (all Adults ( 3 of them our young adult children). We have 3 nights, so 2 full days at Siam Reap. Am completely confused by what to do. We would like a tour (possibly going back to hotel in middle of the day), to Angkor Wat, and Ta Prohm for one day. The other day we would like to go to Kulen mountain. I emailed our hotel, as per suggestions, but they came back with a price that I consider too much (admittedly it includes lunch, sunset cocktails in Royal Boat, entrance fees), but at $935USD, it is just too expensive. We only have a short time in Siam Reap, so want to make the most of our time there. Would also like some free time to wander. Does anyone have any suggestions for us. A little concerned to be waiting until we get there, when our time is so short. TIA. Snowy