Inquiry Submission By Nani-Traveler


My husband and I will arrive to suvarnabhumi Airport on 22 Nov. at 07:45 am.

we are heading to Siem Reap. The first available flight for us is Air Asia at 14:45 and price in their website is almost 240 (for two)

Direct buses or other buses run early morning and we can not reach to take the bus.

I am thinking of taking a taxi to the border directly from the airport.

I found some advice that it is not a good choice.

I am aware of this fact that it is not possible to take a direct taxi to Siem Reap.

if some one knows the price for travelling to Siem Reap by taxi and also the name of any taxi service provider or private driver, please let me know at soonest.

Thank you all in advance.