Inquiry Submission By Vikram M N

I’m planning to visit Cambodia quite soon. I’ve few questions regarding Transit Visa. I read various forms but its still confusing. Air Asia customer service too is not satisfactory.

I’m planning to book

– Onward journey from Chennai – Siem Reap via DMK airport (Thailand)

– And return from Sihanoukville – Chennai via KUL airport (Malaysia)

In that case

1) Would i be required to get Transit Visa at DMK airport.

Skyscanner says its self transfer, which goes like

“What’s a self-transfer?

– On this flight, you may need to check in separately for each connecting flight. Make sure you have enough time.

– You may need to collect hold bags and check them in again for the next flight.

– You must pass through security and passport control during each connection and you will need a visa if your connection is in a country that requires one.”

2) If i return via KUL airport, should i again get a Transit Visa.

3) If i have only hand luggage, will it make any difference. i.e. can i change flights without a transit Visa

3) Suppose if i get VISA at DMK. Is it compulsory to return via the same airport.

It’d be great if you could confirm my above questions. I’m new to overseas travel so quite confused.