Inquiry Submission By Siepsieger

Hi all,

We are traveling to Siem Reap and Koh Rong starting from the 20. February.

I do have food allergies and wanted to ask if someone could help me translate them properly, so that the locals understand my issue without doubt. I could use google translate but i dont want to risk any missunderstandings. Could someone translate the following for me?

I have allergies. I cannot eat the following:

– No animal milk. But Coconut Milk is ok.

– No Cheese

– No Eggs

– No Gluten (not sure how to explain this, since many have no idea which foods contain gluten. Any ideas?)

– I am very allergic to white and red wine, vinegar, beer and champagne

Please let me know if the food I ordered contains something listed above.

Thank You.

Any help is greatly appreciated! Usually asian cuisine isnt a big issue compared to what we eat in Europe or America.

Thanks again