Inquiry Submission By Kodee S

i recently read an article about why traveling to Cambodia without travel insurance was a horrible idea…and now i’m going to buy it. honestly, i’ve never traveled with insurance before. i just sort of put my faith in the universe and humanity….but now i realize how risky and stupid it’s been skipping this additional expense.

i’m a US citizen. i am leaning towards World Nomads. but i’ve never purchased travel insurance before. are there any other insurers for US citizens that i should check out?

is $300,000 a good amount for Emergency Medical Repatriation? or is the more expensive policy that offers $500,000 for emergency medical repatriation a better deal?

has anyone ever used world nomads? and how easy it is to file a claim if your belongings are genuinely stolen? which i’m assuming you’d need to file a police report and go through the appropriate process. this is why i don’t want to ever travel without insurance again. the emergency medical evacuation….and insurance in case of stolen property.

hey thanks a lot.