Inquiry Submission By Lauren M

We are flying into Phnom Penh (myself and my 7yo and 9yo) to start out our trip of 6 weeks in Asia. I was planning on spending ~3 nights in PP to get used to the time change, etc. but after reading some of the posts on crime in PP does it make more sense to only spend one night then go to Siem Reap? I have traveled alone a lot before, so I know how to be safe and I know that crime can happen anywhere, and I assume the tales of crime in PP are overblown, but given that I’ll also have my rambunctious kids with me I’d like to make sure we have as gentle a start to our trip as possible. I assume that plenty of people will look out for a woman traveling alone with 2 kids, but also know that we may be more of a target as well.