Inquiry Submission By indieke

I stay some months in Thailand, mostly Pattaya area, but well out of the city.

As you can see in my other post, I am planning to go to Siem Reap Beginning of December. We be two people. I have several options, just take a return ticket from Bangkok. Have a stop in Koh Chang and then go from there, or go to Siem Reap first, and make a stop in returning at Koh Chang. I been to Koh Chang before and like it. There are no flights from Utapao (Pattaya) to Siem reap.

But I hear horror stories, both ways. Long, long wait at the border, both ways, scams in transport etc.

If I would go this route, I have to find a way that is not too enduring. I have panic disorder and not feel comfortable to wait at a immigration post for hours. In Laos it went all smooth, but this seems more challenging…..

I need trustful people to book with.

Also, for Thailand I have multiple entry, so normally no problem for me, but my girl-friend does not have any visa, could that be a problem, as she stayed already 2 months before we left in Thailand (exemption, and extension.

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