Inquiry Submission By prospectsQ


I usually organise all travel myself but am running out of time having already organised Thailand, Myanmar and Jordan in this lengthy trip.

I arrive in Phnom Penh on Feb 20th.

I’m thinking of going to Siem Reap by road and boat.

I only need a couple of nights at most in Siem Reap as I’ve I was there last year. I want to do the Community First floating village trip

So, PP 2or 3 days

Siem Reap 2 days max

So, 6 or 7 days in between by road and boat

(I need to be in Bangkok by late March 2nd.)

Also, any private driver or local tours that might do some of that route?

I’m thinking of stopping at Battambang and maybe Kampot and Kampong Cham.

Very many thanks