Inquiry Submission By JuneTL

We stayed in Siem Reap for 5 nights in November 2019.

* We obtained our visa on arrival very quickly. There was no queue for the payment of the VOA. We paid US$30/person in cash. Overall, paying and obtaining our VOA took about 10 minutes (early Sunday morning) (We’re still curious about the many staff behind the counter to handle our passports after our payment).

* We had booked a tuk-tuk driver prior to our arrival. We got his name from one of the DEs on this forum. I’m quite sure that most of the regulars here on this forum would be happy to give you some contact details for their preferred tuk-tuk driver,

* We met this driver at our hotel the next morning and went off to purchase our 3 day pass. Again, there was no queue. We paid for our passes with a Mastercard. Process took about 8 minutes.

* It was very good to have a tuk-tuk driver to take us to the temples. We could spend as much/little time as we wished at each temple, we could change/adapt our plans …

* We awoke very early one morning to see the sunrise over Angkor Wat. If you are unable to do this, don’t worry. Imho, it was a nice experience but not a mus-do activity.

* We found that our hiking sandals were perfect for exploring the temples. As advised by thmoore, I did not wear a skirt to visit the temples…..some of those stairways were very steep (be careful on them)

* The temples of the Angkor Park are amazing. Such an achievement so many hundreds of years ago!

* Ta Prom is best visited right after it opens (at 7.30 am). Our second visit to this temple (at this earlier time) meant it was easier for us to take our photographs without the crowds of people.

* We enjoyed our nightly strolls at Pub Street and the markets.

*We enjoyed watching those ice-cream rolls being prepared. And, yes, also eating those rolls..

* Do bargain for your goods at the markets but, please, not so cheaply that the shopkeepers are not able to make a living

* By the end of our stay, we could understand those T-shirts that said ‘No tuk-tuk…No massage’

* We enjoyed the local dishes of Amok (similar to a Thai green curry) and lok lak

Our strong memories of our stay in Siem Reap are…

– the amazing temples of the Angkor Park

– the gentle and friendly people in Siem Reap

– the delicious fresh fruit shakes

Enjoy your stay!