Inquiry Submission By scubabe

My trip report which may help a few people in planning their own trip.

First afternoon arrived in Siem reap & went to the National Museum to learn about the history of the temples before visiting them the next day. It was informative but not a must. Although we did appreciate what we had learnt when we were at the temples as went without a guide.

Bought 3 day temple pass at 5pm so we didn?t have to queue early the next morning.

Hired a driver & was picked up at 5am. Hotel had arranged a breakfast box for us to take with us. Got to Angkor Wat at 5.20am.

My tip is to go to the lake/pond on south side to watch the sunrise. Much quieter & very good view. Got some great reflective photos. The north pond was packed with tourists. To get to the south pond when you walk across the main floating bridge go straight ahead (don?t turn right where the sign says to go). Then just 5minutes walk. Take a torch.

After sunrise we went in to explore Angkor Wat. Lots of tourists head back to breakfast at their hotel so it?s a really nice time to be there. Lots of places to be by yourself. We ate our breakfast box out sitting on one of the walls overlooking parts of the inner complex.

At 6.40am the entrance to Bakan (top tower) opens. People start queuing then. They only allow 100 people at a time to go up. We queued at 7am & only waited 5 minutes to go up. People queuing at 8am waited more than 40 minutes. It?s definitely worth going up.

The bas reliefs & 1000 Buddha hall are well worth discovering.

We spent about 3 hours there including sunrise & our breakfast.

We then went to Bayon. It was packed with tourists. I think we were there at peak time so not much serenity. We spent 2 hours there. Take water, hat & sunscreen. Not much shade. Next time I would go early morning. From there we walked to Elephant Terrace & our driver picked us up there.

We then went back to our hotel for a swim & relax as we had been out for 6 hours.

Lunch at Genievie?s which was delicious. Fresh local food with very friendly service.

3.30pm we headed back to the temples to explore Ta Prohm. Not many tourists here at this time and lots of shade. Great atmosphere & lots to explore.

That evening we went to Bambu Stage shadow puppets & had their banquet dinner.

What a day! Thanks for all the advice of other travellers on this site