Inquiry Submission By John D

Tuk Tuk hire, including all modes of transportation in Phnom Penh and Cambodia, plus Asia has been changed for ever, when Uber entered the market worldwide.

Uber sold out to become Grab and another company called PassApp entered the market.

These owner drivers still own their vehicles, still paying them off, but now have a fixed rate from point A to Point B.

With the help of of the company the use to run their business.

Before joining the company they all had different amounts they charged each person, but now the ones probably 90% plus have much better access to customers, than the ones that just park or drive around all day looking for customers.

Grab and PassApp don’t own any vehicles, the drivers still own and maintain their own vehicles, with the added advantage of many more customers than they had before

The remaining vehicles, tuk tuks or cars that haven’t joined up are becoming a dinosaur in Phnom Penh and Cambodia.

Within a few months most if not all will have changed over to Grab ( formerly Uber) or PassApp, the same with ever country.

The service is totally free to use, once you have the App on your mobile device.

With the added advantage of every driver now knowing exactly where your final destination is, rather than saying I’m sorry I don’t know where that place is.

But some people prefer to still use the old method of ordering a mode of transportation and that’s there choice.