Inquiry Submission By Amy

I was unsure on whether to take a tuktuk or tour. So for the small circle I took a tuktuk, and I took a bus tour for the grand circle. Here?s my take. The tuktuk is nice as you are on your own agenda. But you don?t have a guide to tell you the history. I like the bus tour for the grand circle for a few reasons. It?s nice to get back to an AC bus after each temple to cool off, plus the drive to the Lady Temple is far about 30 mins. I can?t imagine that on a tuktuk. Also for the cost, it?s $15 for the bus tour and $20 for the tuktuk for the day. If I were to do this again, I would take a bus tour for both circles. If you get a 3 day ticket, you can always go back to Angkor Wat for the 3rd day to see the sunrise or sunset and walk around again.