Inquiry Submission By Hannah B

Hi all,

We thought we’d decided on Cambodia for our next destination (end of April/beginning of May) but having just read some posts about the beachy areas I’m less convinced and hoping for some advice..

I was thinking of spending time in the usual spots in and around Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and then down to Sihanoukville area to chill out for a few days near the beach before flying home but it sounds like it might not be the nicest area to chill out anymore?

I visited briefly as part of a bigger trip in 2014 but only spent a few days in PP and a few in SR but had to cut short before getting to the beach. The other half has never been. After recently enjoying trips to Thailand and Vietnam we thought this would be a great next stop but are there still nice quiet areas to chill out?

If it helps, we’re in our 30’s love food and a cold beer, seeing culture and history and just generally wandering about and taking it all in. We don’t like crazy parties, casinos and hoards of people everywhere you go (appreciate some places are busy but it’s nice to be able to escape :)) In Thailiand and Vietnam we spent the first 9/10 days filling our time seeing and doing a lot and then moving on to somewhere quiet for the ‘relaxing’ part of a holiday (we loved Koh Lanta in Thailand for that). This would be our only trip this year which could have that relaxing element (our other holiday is a busy road trip in America!)

What would you recommend in terms of destinations? We would have 15 full days in between landing and leaving (return flights to Phnom Penh), if that was you, how would you spend your time or would you advise us to look elsewhere for this type of trip?

Thank you in advance for any advice, I find asking is a lot more helpful than endless googling ­čÖé