Inquiry Submission By C00kie91

We are heading to Phnom Penh in a few weeks and from what I’ve read, the best way to get around the city is by tuk tuk / remork. However we’re staying at a smaller / boutique hotel (The Mou Hotel) and I’m wondering what would be the best way for us to direct the remork driver when we don’t really know where we’re going ourselves. If we say we want the corner of St 125 and 214 are they likely to be able to find it, or do we need to pick a well-known landmark nearby and get dropped off there?

I’m also wondering what the current fares look like – I’ve read some old threads but not sure how much prices will have gone up since. Not bothered if we’re only overpaying by a dollar or two but I’ve been badly ripped off in a taxi before and I’m hoping to avoid a repeat experience!

Say for 2 people, what kind of fares could we expect for trips like:

– Central Market to Russian Market

– St 214 area to Wat Phnom or Royal Palace

– St 214 area to Phnom Penh Night Market (at night time)

If we use the english name for a touristy location like “Royal Palace” is it likely people will understand or should we look up a few Khmer translations?