Inquiry Submission By brettabroad

If you are thinking about about traveling from Siem Reap to Vietnam by bus, DO NOT use the VIRAK Buntham bus company!!! They claim to have the only “sleeper bus” that goes directly from Siem Reap to Ho Chi Mihn City and takes 12-13 hours. And that’s where the lies start. You in fact have to change buses in Phnom Penh at about 2:30am (this after having been going since 7:30pm) and the total journey time is more like 17 hours.

Outside each location where they sell these bus tickets are signs touting how this sleeper bus has free wi fi, “long beds” and toilets on board. The wi fi is free because there is none (minor point). The beds might be long for infants but for everyone else they are so short, with metal bars on both ends, that the only possibilities for laying there are the types of stress positions which would make Dick Cheney proud. The beds are positioned close to the roof so that sitting up is also not an option. And those toilets? As the Driver had to tell many people, “No have”. With stops only every 4 hours, it made for a long, dry and extremely uncomfortable trip.

If you plan on heading this way or have friends that are, tell them to make different arrangements, even if they are more expensive or take more time. We wish we had…